Treason Flight by T.R. Matson

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About the Book

Jack “Rattler” Owen is a Navy pilot on a combat deployment struggling with life at sea. If dealing with separation from his family, the constant grind of shipboard life and malfunctions in the E-2C Hawkeye weren’t enough, it now seems that someone is out to get him. As he tries to navigate his time on the aircraft carrier he realizes that things are not adding up in his squadron. Rattler is faced with having to choose the safe path or the path that could end his career or even his life to expose the leadership that is willing to stop at nothing to benefit their own agenda.

What They’re Saying…

“This military thriller starts full-throttle and maintains a breathless pace from beginning to end. While it is heavy on the military jargon from the get-go, it is all done in service to the story, conveying the events in hyper-realistic color — from intense radio communication, combat scenes and the folding of the E-2C’s wings after carrier landings. This blockbuster is the next best thing to sitting in the cockpit. Highly recommended!” – Best Thrillers

“Do you love movies like Top Gun? If action-packed military thrillers are your genre, waste no time and get yourself a copy of Treason Flight by T.R. Matson.” – Reader’s Favorite

“TREASON FLIGHT benefits from Matson’s firsthand experience in the military, and he achieves verisimilitude with an assured grasp of the jargon and rhythms of life on an aircraft carrier or in the cockpit. T. R. Matson convincingly portrays life on board an aircraft carrier and the pressures and joys of being a pilot in TREASON FLIGHT.” – Indie Reader

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