No Fast Hands in the Cockpit…

Critical decisions make the difference between life and death. By T.R. Matson             It was one of those dark nights that only aviators who fly off of aircraft carriers have experienced.  Darker than a moonless night with no ambient light from land and just miles and miles of pitch black.  Inching across the flight deckContinue reading “No Fast Hands in the Cockpit…”

Naval Aviator or Crash Test Dummy

Landing aboard the USS Nimitz without a seatbelt By: T.R. Matson As I emerged from the inside skin of the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier I was immediately assaulted with the daily aroma of shipboard life.  A mix of sweat, jet fuel, hydraulics, rubber and salt air combined and entered my nose, quickly registering in myContinue reading “Naval Aviator or Crash Test Dummy”